Taking a short break -- returning 7/16/24
Taking a short break -- returning 7/16/24
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Vintagecore? Historicore? Eclecticore?

aesthetics cottagecore dark academia history instagram vintage

I like to dedicate one day a week to acquiring knowledge... whether it's reading up on history, marketing, or trying to figure out how to connect Shopify and eBay and Pinterest... 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 which is way harder than it ought to be, BTW...
I've just learned about aesthetics with regard to fashion, decor, and of course Instagram. It appears that this year's hottest aesthetics are Goblincore (no thanks) and Dark Academia, which I can absolutely embrace, thank you! And use it for my shop, of course.
Is Cottagecore over now? I kinda liked that too, and apparently I was way ahead of the curve... or maybe I'm more Grandmacore... No wait...Lazy Housekeepercore.  🤣

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